The NAPFA Consumer Education Foundation (NCEF) is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization that is committed to turning Americans into confident financial decision makers. The purpose of the NCEF is to empower consumers to achieve positive financial outcomes and to support Fee-Only financial advisors in providing objective financial guidance to consumers on a pro-bono basis.

The majority of life’s biggest decisions such as education, careers, homes, major purchases and retirement hinge on financial choices. Financial uncertainty often leads to anxiety and stress – and can negatively impact one’s health. NCEF provides consumers with information and tools, so that they can make decisions with confidence.

More and more Americans are concerned about their economic futures than ever before, and they are searching for answers. NCEF and the many Fee-Only, fiduciary financial advisors across the country are helping to ensure consumers have access to objective information and advice from trustworthy sources that have no hidden agenda. The NCEF is developing programs and initiatives to address personal finance issues, including savings and budgeting and long term planning for the critical milestones in life.

Access to information and advice creates confidence and empowers consumers to take control of their financial lives. To take charge, one must know that change is possible and have access to the tools and information to make sensible decisions. The thousands of consumers across the country who have been impacted by the NCEF have been empowered to make changes that help them realize their personal financial goals and live the life they dream.