NCEF - Volunteer Opportunities

NAPFA members have a special kind of knowledge. The kind of knowledge that can educate people, help them solve problems and create a plan that allows them to achieve their life’s goals. There are a number of ways for talented, giving NAPFA members to help others. Below are just a few:

NCEF Board of Trustees

The NCEF Board of Trustees drives our mission of promoting consumer financial education through pro bono financial advice. Trustees serve for a two year term. The Board typically meets monthly by phone to discuss the direction of the Foundation and determine priorities. Trustees also serve on a committee of their choice. Click here for the NCEF Board of Trustees Application.

NCEF Committee Members

NCEF committee members work on one of four committees: Fundraising/Development, Governance, Programs or Communications. Committee members participate in monthly or bi-monthly committee meetings and work on specific projects within their committee. No formal experience is required just an interest in advancing the work of NCEF.

  • The Fundraising/Development Committee works on projects related to raising money for the Foundation including the annual appeal. This committee also recognizes donors for their contributions and works on outreach efforts.
  • The Governance Committee provides the framework for the Foundation. Activities include recruiting and training new board members, reviewing formal documents of the Foundation and overseeing board effectiveness.
  • The Programs Committee ensures the Foundation’s programs are focused on our mission and meeting the needs of NAPFA members. The committee always looks to add additional partnerships with organizations where NAPFA members can share their time and skills.
  • The Communications Committee creates the content for various NAPFA communication vehicles. The committee works to highlight the work of pro bono advisors in our NCEF programs and to showcase our donors.

See NCEF Committee Descriptions here.

Building Homes for Heroes Veterans Advisor

NAPFA advisors in the Building Homes for Heroes (BHH) program share their expertise with a disabled veteran of the Afghanistan or Iraq conflicts who have been gifted a mortgage free home by BHH. The NAPFA volunteer works 1-1 with a veteran and his or her family to ensure they are on solid financial footing and prepared for the responsibilities of home ownership. The advisor usually meets with their veteran on a monthly or bi-monthly basis for a period of two years. This partnership can also work virtually.. Most advisors report this experience is extremely rewarding.

Various Opportunities

If you prefer not to commit to a specific program or for an extended period of time, one-off opportunities may be right for you. We have been contacted by various groups including AARP who request financial advisors at various times for a variety of reasons.

If you are interested in volunteering or if you would like more information about any of our programs, contact Rob Harkey, Foundation Program Coordinator at or 847.483.5400 x 106 for additional information.