Maintenance Notice

This serves as an update on the status of the member portal’s continuing education (CE) module. As part of the vendor’s planned maintenance, the CE module was taken offline in mid-June to refactor the custom functionality and migrate to their latest release. During that process, the vendor encountered significant issues that prevented re-deployment with the rest of the portal as planned. They requested additional time to resolve the issues, which has led to the CE module’s ongoing unavailability.

Due to the amount of time involved and the impact on end users, these issues were escalated to the vendor’s leadership team. This has resulted in additional resources being allocated to the project and a clearer path to resolution. We hope to have insight into the timeframe for making the module available to end users early this week. In the meantime, if you need any CE information for outside entities, please contact for assistance. We appreciate your patience as we work to resolve this issue!