Craig Schmith (CFP®, MBA)

Craig Schmith focuses in the
following client markets or areas of practice:

  • Hourly
  • Investment Advice without Ongoing Management
  • Middle Income Client Needs

Planning Specialties

As a planner since 1999, I have been helping people to improve their personal financial situation by doing full financial plans, and hourly projects on topics of their choice. 

A full plan starts with an individual or family’s work situation, personal situation, preferences and goals.  I analyze and recommend changes in cash flow, net worth, insurance coverages, income tax planning, goal planning (i.e. college, retirement, vacation home, etc.), investments, and estate planning.  Fees for a plan are typically $2,000 for singles/$2,800 for couples.

Hourly planning is done on a project by project basis depending on people’s needs.  The most typical ones involve work on investments and retirement projections.

Over 15 years planning experience and 2 degrees in finance provides me with the experience base to know how to handle a wide variety of situations.  My plans are designed to be easy to understand and I try to use the most straightforward solutions to get the job done.

On a personal basis, I am direct and open and have an excellent sense of humor!  If you think I would be a good match, give me a call.

NAPFA Start Date

March 16, 2000

Industry Start Date

August 01, 1999

Other Offices

5540 Centerview Dr Ste 200 Raleigh, NC 27606-3386 Phone: (919) 272-5054 Fax: (919) 806-4301
1213 Culbreth Dr Wilmington, NC 28405-3639 Phone: (919) 272-5054 Fax: (919) 806-4301