Alexandra Baig (CFP®)

Alexandra Baig focuses in the
following client markets or areas of practice:

  • Special Needs Planning

Planning Specialties

I work directly with clients who hve speical needs:

 Here's what we can do together:

  • Prepare the documents you will need to get your Social Security benefits

  • Prepare for your intake interview, so that you understand how to answer questions in a way that supports your eligibility

  • Find and evaluate the cost and benefits of programs

  • Follow the rules so that you can earn up to $40,000/year and still maintain Medicaid and Waiver-funded support services

  • Cost out all kinds of housing options

  • Forecast and budget how much money you will need beyond government benefits

  • Fund an ABLE account and/or a special needs trust

  • Connect to experienced legal, tax and service-providing professionals

I also consult with other planners who want to do the best for their clients with special needs:

?With me on your team, here is what we can accomplish for your clients with special needs:?

  • Prepare and walk them through the eligibility intake process for all available government benefits.

  • Accurately forecast the resources required for lifetime support including housing, support staff and recreation 

  • Maximize interdependent Social Security retirement and disability benefits for the entire family 

  • Maxmize work income, passive income and government benefits for person with special needs

  • Determine the most effective way to fund a special needs trust

  • Evaluate the use of an ABLE account

  • Refer to legal, tax, direct support and other professionals 


Additional Information

People with disabilities have particular concerns when it comes to financial and life planning:

  • What supports do I need to live as independently as possible, work up to my capacity and have a full life?

  • What government benefits am I eligible for and how much of my support will they pay for?

  • What are the rules I need to follow to keep those benefits?

  • If I work will I lose them?

  • How will I pay for what the government doesn’t

  • How will the divorce, retirement or death of my parents effect my benefits and my support?

  • What happens to them if I live with a partner, marry, divorce or receive an inheritance

I am a Certified Financial Planner who spent seven years running a community where people with and without disabilities share daily life.  I understand what it takes in dreams and dollars for a person with a disability to have a good life.

I help people with disabilities and their families set realistic goals for work, life and independence and put together the public and private resources to pay for them.

I provide as a consultant my direct experience with Social Security, Medicaid, Medicare and their work incentives, calculating the funding for special needs trusts, ABLE accounts and similar to other financial professionals who aim to take real fiduciary care of their clients with special needs.


NAPFA Start Date

February 28, 2018


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