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Nandita Das is in the Financial Education and Services industry for the last 20 years. She became a Financial Advisor in 2014 to pursue her dream of supporting (immigrant) professionals and millennials secure their financial future. Nandita is the Founder-owner of Das Financial Health, LLC.

Nandita-the academician prepares students for a career in financial planning as a Director of CFP board registered program at Delaware State University, where she teaches Personal Finance and Investments as an Associate Professor of Finance. She is a member of the CFP Board’s Council of Education

Nandita has made three different countries her home. Education has been her primary goal through-out her journey.  Changing country of residence and changing careers with the responsibility of raising a family was not an easy task. She realized the importance of getting financial planning. Understanding the nuances of student loan, insurance and retirement benefits, appeared to be a steep hill.

Nandita promised herself that she would use her analytical skill, compassion, and her ability to understand other people’s view-point to help others reach their life-goals. Nandita-the practitioner looks at finance as a tool to achieve what an individual yearns to achieve in life. Nandita believes in holistic planning that includes risk management, retirement planning, investment planning, tax planning and estate planning. Her mission is to help people realize that it takes real planning to achieve your goals- whether it is college admission, or simply getting your financial house in order.

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November 14, 2017


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