Landon Loveall

Landon Loveall focuses in the
following client markets or areas of practice:

  • Financial Psychology/Coaching
  • Insurance Related Issues
  • Investment Advice with Ongoing Management
  • Investment Advice without Ongoing Management

Planning Specialties

I offer three financial planning packages to help you address your goals and concerns.

The three packages are:


Wealth Builder


Are you searching for answers to the major money questions?  Do you want to get started securing your future?  Wealth Builder is for you.


Together, we will answer three questions: Is your financial plan on track?  How much should be saving?  What should you do with your savings?


The cost to you is $1,000.


Building Blocks


Your financial plan may require more than the big questions we answer as part of the Wealth Builder package.  Building Blocks are additional meetings you can add to fill in the gaps of your financial plan.


The cost of each Building Block is based on the number of meetings required.


Building Blocks allow you to customize an approach to fit you at a cost you can feel comfortable with.


Wealth Planner


Do you have high income or significant wealth?  Do you have complex questions that require time and attention?  Then Wealth Planner is a premier financial planning package designed for you.


Wealth Planner includes Wealth Builder and all of the Building Blocks plus unlimited meetings, phone, and e-mail access.  The fee for the Wealth Planner program is based on your income and assets but starts at $4,000.


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Additional Information

About Landon Loveall


I have been in the building business since I picked up my first set of Legos.  Building, you could say, has always been my way of life, since that set of Legos and the little lakes I built in the creek behind my grandparents' house.


My grandparents came from a different generation, they were from a time where financial planning was simple.  Where when you got a good job, you kept it, worked hard, and counted on a pension when you retired.  Today, financial planning is not so simple.


Today, a job rarely lasts an entire career.  Pensions are gone, they have been replaced by 401(k)s, 403(b)s, IRAs, SEPs, SIMPLEs.  Each job and each investment account is a choice to be made, an opportunity to build wealth.  But opportunities in and of themselves are meaningless, like a pile of blocks on a table; they only start to take shape when you put the pieces together.


I build wealth.  I help couples, who are too busy or don't know where to start, build wealth and plan for the future.


I will help you put your opportunities, concerns, and goals into a secure financial plan.  With a hard hat and a set of mega blocks, I come to work prepared to build wealth for you.

NAPFA Start Date

May 16, 2011


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