Johanna Fox Turner (CFP®, CPA, RLP)

Johanna Fox Turner focuses in the
following client markets or areas of practice:

  • Business Owners
  • High Net Worth Client Needs
  • Hourly
  • Medical Professionals
  • Retirement Plan Investment Advice
  • Tax Planning

Planning Specialties

I thrive on using my 30+ years of knowledge and experience to help people of all ages fix their financial pickles. No matter where you are, having clarity about your finances today and a plan for the future will help you sleep well and live better. We work with medical professionals and business owners throughout the USA, and also have a fairly large middle-income client base.

Additional Information

Is money the way you keep score in your life? We believe that money is only a tool, a means to an end. Therefore, we'll focus on your lives and what's important to you before we talk numbers. For example - why are you saving? What money messages have you kept from childhood? Where are your biggest "pains" and what brings you joy? How would you define success if we work together?
Until you (and your spouse) understand what drives you to save and spend, it may be difficult to have a healthy relationship with your money. Once you do, though, financial planning has a purpose and logic. Helping clients through this process is immensely gratifying.
For the record, we don't believe people need a plan, they need planning. Financial planning is what our clients pay us for. We are actively involved in every step of the process - which means you are interacting with a person instead of struggling with a long-winded report that will soon be outdated.
It is never too late to tackle those sticky financial issues. It's important to find an advisor who is capable, trustworthy, and empathetic. The right person can have an unimaginable impact on your quality of life - both now and in the future - so our first chat (by phone or in person) is free. We want you to make a choice that you will be glad you made for years to come.
Call or email to find out more about your no-charge initial meeting - we look forward to hearing your story!

NAPFA Start Date

January 26, 2010


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