Barry Katz (BS, CFP®, MBA)

Barry Katz focuses in the
following client markets or areas of practice:

  • Cash Flow/Budgets/Credit Issues
  • Investment Advice with Ongoing Management
  • Middle Income Client Needs
  • Real Estate Investments
  • Retirement Planning & Distribution Rules

Planning Specialties

Caratel Financial Services, Inc. is a comprehensive Fee-Only Financial Planning and Wealth Management firm offering personalized, integrated financial answers, implementation and monitoring services. Boilerplate solutions are NEVER used. Caratel offers a wide range of comprehensive services some, or all, of which may be appropriate to your unique situation. Caratel's no-cost initial consultation allows us to determine which services best fit your needs and what the cost of those services would be.

Additional Information

Mr. Katz holds a BS degree in Finance from Syracuse University and an MBA (Masters of Business Administration) degree from Florida Atlantic University. He has an extensive business background with over 30 years of financial planning and commercial banking experience working for international, national and regional banks.

NAPFA Start Date

March 17, 1993


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