Brian Huckstep (CFA, CFP®, MBA)

Brian Huckstep focuses in the
following client markets or areas of practice:

  • Business Owners
  • College/Education Planning
  • Corporate Executives
  • Investment Advice with Ongoing Management
  • Retirement Plan Investment Advice
  • Socially Responsible Investments

Planning Specialties

We focus on each investor's full investment lifecycle - whether you have been working and saving for 40 years and need to plan for your retirement years, you are just starting out in your career and are wondering the best way to save that extra $500 in your paycheck, or maybe you are somewhere in the middle, wondering if you are ahead of or behind where you should be.

We offer a personal touch and customization that is hard to find today. Many advisors in cookie-cutter offices are using overly-automated tools to streamline their processes so they can try to take on 200 or even 300 clients. Not us. We listen to your financial needs and your goals and build a customized plan that seeks to delight you, or at least, help you sleep well at night knowing you have a reasonable plan in place.

We keep costs down and customization high by doing our own investment work for our clients - unlike many advisors today (even fee-only advisors) we do not outsource investment management advice to wrap model managers who charge layered fees and shoehorn clients into canned portfolios.

Additional Information

Brian has been in the investment industry since 1992 and has always enjoyed the puzzles of maximization, efficiency, and fit with money problems. Few financial decisions can be optimally solved with cookie-cutter processes, hodge-podge web search advice, robo-solutions, or coin flips. Whether you are picking between investing in a focused active mutual fund versus a diversified smart beta ETF, efficiently tax loss harvesting in your taxable brokerage account in December, weighing contributions to a Roth IRA versus a traditional IRA, selecting the best of five different mortgage offers, or deciding exactly how much to contribute to your child's 529 each month - there are optimal answers for your particular situation. Each financial decision you make, whether it involves $1,000 or $1 billion, has a direct and predictable impact on your family’s long term wealth and your retirement date.

NAPFA Start Date

October 05, 2021


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