Laminar Wealth LLC

Our purpose is to improve your life
Our integrative approach places you, not your money, at the center of the relationship. We start by helping you determine what is uniquely important to you and then leverage our technical expertise and thoughtful guidance to bring congruity between your finances and your values.

We believe in true wealth management

Wealth encompasses not only money, but also physical, emotional, and spiritual elements. Wealth management involves integrating all of your resources—money, time, energy, and skills—to create a life that is not only financially sound, but also inspiring and meaningful to you.

We believe in elegant simplicity

Our name Laminar Wealth is inspired by the physics term meaning streamlined, a critical concept in sailing and flying—our founder’s favorite hobbies. Applying a similar mindset to your finances means reducing or eliminating unnecessary fees, taxes and complexity. The result is not only greater wealth, but also greater peace of mind and time to focus on the things that matter most to you.

We are committed to you

As a fee-only firm, we refuse to accept compensation from third parties for recommendations or referrals. We will always act as a fiduciary and place your interests above all else. We will be fierce in protecting your privacy and compassionate in respecting your dreams. We are committed to earning your complete trust.

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16020 Swingley Ridge Road, Suite 230 Chesterfield, MO 63017 Phone: (800) 929-6530

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16020 Swingley Ridge Road, Suite 230 Chesterfield, MO 63017 Phone: (800) 929-6530