Plentiful Wealth, LLC

Plentiful Wealth was founded on certain non-negotiable principles. 

Fee Transparency. Plentiful Wealth is a fee-only firm. Our pricing is understandable and transparent, without hidden charges.

Fiduciary Duty. We promise to always put your best interests first. It's a simple promise but one many advisors cannot make. 

Technology. Over the last year, we've shifted our practice to meet with clients primarily virtually. This shift emphasized the need for up-to-date technology. We've upgraded our offerings to provide an even better client experience.

Capping the number of clients we serve. Many advisors serve hundreds of clients. We don't. We've placed a cap on the number of clients we serve, so that clients receive the service they deserve. No one should feel like just a number.

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900 E Main St Louisville, KY 40206 Phone: (606) 775-0246

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1627 Greenup Ave Suite 217 Ashland, KY 41101 Phone: (606) 775-0246

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900 E Main St Louisville, KY 40206 Phone: (606) 775-0246