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Synergy Wealthcare Solutions is committed to providing high-quality financial and tax advice to help you achieve your financial goals, live your dreams, and experience peace of mind.

Hayden McCoy, CFP®, EA, synergizes the powers of tax reduction strategies with personal financial guidance, helping clients master their personal finances, make tax-savvy decisions, and invest wisely.  Her clients include business owners, entrepreneurs, investors, and professionals who desire to reap the wealth-building benefits of proactive financial and tax planning. As a location-independent planner, she utilizes technology to work virtually with clients across the country.

Hayden thrives on translating the complexity of finance and tax into understandable, practical advice.  Her focused expertise helps her clients make the most of every dollar, keep more of their earnings, and pay as little tax as legally possible.  Her firm’s service offerings include comprehensive financial planning, investment management, tax preparation, and advanced tax reduction strategies.  



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