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Guiding busy professionals to a confident retirement through holistic, tax-focused financial planning.

In today’s world, it’s difficult for busy, career-focused professionals to navigate their way to retirement.

Navigating volatile markets, changing tax laws, annual employee benefit elections, social security and pension decisions, multiple retirement accounts, education costs for children or grandchildren – these are just a sample of the issues that you’ll be facing. On top of this, it seems that every “financial advisor” you meet with is trying to sell you something.

It shouldn’t be so difficult.

As a CPA, I started Essential Wealth with a simple mission: To provide comprehensive, tax-focused financial expertise to career-focused professionals looking for real advice, not product-sales.

No commissions. No sales targets. Simply advice. 

There are an endless number of decisions you need to make that impact your finances. These decisions are also connected, even if you don’t always realize it. For example, your portfolio impacts the amount of taxes you will pay each year, your tax situation impacts the employee benefit elections you should make, and your employee benefit options impact how much insurance you should purchase. Too often, inappropriate or biased advice spills over to other areas of your finances, which is why I firmly believe the following:

Effective financial advice must be comprehensive, it must be tax-focused, and it should come from an advisor who is a fee-only fiduciary.


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