Hanson & Doremus Inv Mgt

Hanson & Doremus manages investment portfolios for individuals, family groups, businesses, endowments, and foundations across the U.S.  Established in 1995, we have offices in Burlington, Vermont, and Palo Alto, California, and we are registered with the Securities Exchange Commission as an Investment Adviser.

We begin our work by getting to know each client individually.  We meet one-on-one to understand each client’s financial situation and objectives and create an initial plan.  We then stay abreast of changing circumstances and recommend adjustments as needed.

We are a full-service investment manager.  We construct individualized portfolios, manage each client’s portfolio separately on an ongoing basis, report on performance quarterly and meet with clients as needed to discuss progress

In addition, full financial planning services are available to every client.  For individuals, this includes advice on tax-efficient strategies, retirement, education planning, or passing on a legacy to future generations. 


For institutions, this planning includes development of an Investment Policy Statement and investment strategies that support each organizations financial goals.


Financial plans can provide:


  • Existing Trust & Estate Plan Outline
  • Net Worth Analysis
  • Tax Review (we work closely with your tax professional)*
  • Income & Expenses Cash Flow Analysis
  • Social Security Analysis
  • Insurance Needs Analysis
  • Children & Education Needs Review
  • Retirement Needs Assessment & Recommendations
  • Investment Strategy, Risk Tolerance Assessment
  • Goal Identification & Achievement Plan

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431 Pine St Ste 302 Burlington, VT 05401-4726 Phone: (802) 658-2668