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If you live in the Boulder area, you likely have climbed to the top of Mt. Sanitas. Did you know Sanitas means health and well-being and is the Latin root of sanity? My mission at Sanitas Wealth Management is to help clients to coordinate their life goals with their finances. In short, it is to provide a prescription to improve a client's financial health and well-being.

You likely came to NAPFA because you want to work with someone who is a fiduciary and has a transparent compensation structure. Sanitas operates as a fee-only financial planner and investment management firm. We do not sell anything for a commission and won't accept any referral fees. That means you can be assured a recommendation is objectively something we feel you need as part of your financial plan. The recommendation is never biased due to the possibility of a commission or referral fee. 

As you look through the various firm profiles brought up by this search, you're likely asking which firm is right for you. To find out if Sanitas is the right firm for you, just reach out. Pick up the phone and let's have a conversation about your concerns - no charges, no obligations. Based on the conversation, I'll quickly be able to tell you if Sanitas can help and how we can help. If we're not the right fit, I'm familiar with many other advisors with different target clients. I'll be happy to send you to the person I think could help. 

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11001 W 120th Ave Ste 400 Broomfield, CO 80021-3493 Phone: (303) 325-7945