Plimsoll Financial Planning

Plimsoll Financial Planning was launched with a simple, yet clear idea:  

People live better lives when their money and values are aligned.

We're not your typical financial planning firm. And that's by design. Created as a place where clients become educated and empowered about money, Plimsoll touches all areas of your financial life through our extensive planning process.  

We're forward-thinking, client-centric, and tech-forward. We believe in full transparency.  That's why, as a fee-only planning firm, we never receive any commissions or incentives that could influence our recommendations. 

We also believe that everyone, regardless of the size of your portfolio, should have access to straightforward, affordable financial and investment advice.  That's why Plimsoll offers a unique, innovative fee structure with no investment minimums. 

Finally, we always operate as a fiduciary.  In layman's terms, that simply means that we are always acting in your best interest. 


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Hoover, AL 35226-3608 Phone: (205) 440-2125