CAM Investor Solutions

Our clients come to us with a large range of financial planning and investment needs as well as challenges. To help our clients achieve their goals:

We maintain a disciplined process

We focus on what we can control

Our philosophy plans for uncertainty

We assume that tomorrow won’t be like yesterday

The firm is committed to lifelong learning

Our process seeks to partner with innovative investment firms

We won’t be complacent

We believe in getting compensated for taking the right kinds of risk

We help our clients stay the course

At CAM, we want to hear all that is most important to you and whom you care about most. We want to help you slow down, think and really identify your goals, make smart decisions, manage emotions, and maybe laugh a little too. The ultimate goal: allow you to be in control of your time so you can make work optional or do whatever you desire for the future.

Out of desire to be a true advocate for the ongoing needs of our clients, CAM was founded in 2017 as a fee-only independent advisory firm. We are committed to creating an advisory firm of excellence based on quality, integrity, and timely access to extraordinary financial advice. We strive to ensure there will be adequate time to listen to our clients, to think critically, to problem solve, and to collaborate with leading financial experts across the industry.

Most people are familiar with traditional stocks and bonds, but how much should you own? Are there other investments that might help you achieve your investment goals? We believe there are.

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623 West 38th Street, Ste 320 Austin, TX 78705 Phone: +1 (844) 247-0787