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-----  Specialties helping Adobe employees, special needs families and individuals with disabilities  -----

Everyone talks about how much money you need to retire and asks, "Do you have enough?"  I believe the more important question is "Are you managing your money in a way that allows you to live the best life possible?"

With my clients, I use an approach called Return on Life or ROL.  A plan designed with ROL as its foundation is designed to answer three big questions:

1. How did I arrive at my perspectives on money?
2. Am I managing my money in a way that is improving my life?
3. Am I financially prepared for life's big transitions.

Considering a client's Return on Life helps me gain a better perspective for when I'm crunching numbers, running scenarios and getting into the details of the client's personal finances like saving taxes, protecting assets and managing investments.

The "ABW" in ABW Advisors stands for "A Better World."  I believe people enjoying a fulfilling Return on Life will naturally build a better world for their loved ones, their communities and the world at large.

I help clients from all backgrounds, but have developed two specialties. First, I help Adobe employees make good use of the great benefits Adobe provides.  Second, I help special needs families and individuals with disabilities integrate special needs planning matters into their overall financial plan.

Our next step is to chat for 15 minutes by phone to learn a little more about each other. You can schedule this 15-minute Intro Call using my online calendar: https://calendly.com/abwadvisors

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