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Founded in 1993, Forteris Wealth Management is an independent, fee-only registered advisory firm.  Our offices are located in Armonk, NY and Dallas, TX and we serve clients throughout the country.  Our experienced team of professionals offers comprehensive financial planning and investment management services and currently serves individuals, families and small businesses.

Our goal is to devise a portfolio targeted to each client's needs with a particular focus on managing volatility and risk.  We do this by including a variety of investments which have low correlations to each other.  On the equity side, we would typically suggest a portfolio of low-cost, no-load funds and exchange traded funds, and, depending on the needs of the particular client, individual securities might also be utilized.  In some cases, we employ a covered call strategy to generate cash flow while increasing downside protection.  On the fixed income side, we have access to a vast array of products including taxable and tax-free bonds, preferred stocks, agencies, and low-cost, no-load funds.

We believe that personal financial planning is critical to the success of the investing process and we encourage all of our clients to begin their relationship with us with a comprehensive financial plan.


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