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Mclean Asset Management is a fiercely independent and unique fee-only Wealth Management firm that combines talented and experienced advisors with a commitment to effectively leverage advanced technology. This combination will help you clarify and control your financial situation so you can get back to your life.   In short, our goal is to be your trusted Chief Financial Officer. 

Mclean Asset Management takes a holistic approach to your financial goals and recognizes your life does not reside in a vacuum of goals and strategies. Consequently, before we provide any recommendations, we implement a systematic discovery process to understand your situation. Then our advisors, in collaboration with you and a team of experts develop a strategy that encompasses investment management, wealth enhancement, wealth protection, wealth transfer and charitable giving. We continually monitor your progress to your goals and adapt to your changing circumstances as needed


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Associates at Other Firm Offices


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264 S River Rd Bedford, NH 03110-6824 Phone: (603) 413-6060 Fax: (603) 215-3511