Board of Directors Service FAQs

How many Board positions are available?

NAPFA’s Board of Directors will communicate with the NAPFA Leadership Development Committee as to the number of expected Board vacancies each year. The Board includes a Chair, a Consumer Representative, a Secretary-Treasurer, and other “at-large” directors.

What are the candidate requirements?

Candidates must be a NAPFA-Registered Financial Advisor in good standing. Experience on a NAPFA task force, committee, Region Board or combination thereof is preferred. Comparable experience with another nonprofit organization is also acceptable.

What is the time commitment?

All Board Members serve a three-year term that begins on Sept. 1 and ends on Aug. 31 three years later. The time commitment can vary based on tasks you agree to or other committee assignments you accept. Each year, Board members attend the summer volunteer leaders meetings at NAPFA headquarters and the Fall and Spring Conferences. The Board meets in-person three times during the year in conjunction with the above events and holds monthly hour-long video conferences.

What are the application requirements?

All candidates must complete the application and participate in a formal interview with NAPFA’s Leadership Development Committee. The application will include questions that require simple answers, such as your ability to meet the commitments of being a Board member, as well as open-ended questions, such as “what is your vision for the organization?”

How are members of the Board selected?

NAPFA’s Board of Directors communicates the particular sets of skills that the Board is seeking in candidates to NAPFA’s Leadership Development Committee each year. The LDC then conducts an exhaustive search and recommends a slate of candidates for Board service.

What is the application and selection timeline?

  • September to January – Applications and nominations accepted
  • January to February – Applications reviewed, reference and background checks performed
  • February to March – Video interviews with selected nominees conducted by LDC
  • March – Slate of candidates recommended by the LDC and presented to the Board for their approval
  • April – The Board approves the slate of candidates