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Story Ideas

NAPFA-Registered Financial Advisors work closely with clients to help them identify their needs and build a healthy financial future.  Members are in touch with the concerns that are uppermost in the minds of consumers.  We are pleased to present the following list of topics and invite you to talk about the issues with NAPFA members. 

Story Idea: How finances can affect your marriage.  Finances are always at the top of lists of what couples argue about. 

Financial planners can help couples sort through and discuss openly different ideas of what gives each of them financial peace of mind and security.  Some of the common differences are investment styles (aggressive vs sure thing), comfort in using debt, the ideal level of savings, and what they envision for their retirement.  A planner can also be the neutral party to help them prioritize and come to agreement on their sometimes conflicting financial goals.

Susan C. Elser, CFP®
NAPFA-Registered, Fee-Only Financial Advisor
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Story Idea: New Rules for Bond Investing. A new view of bond investing for the 21st century.
  • New Rules for Bond Investing. 
  • New ways to compare stocks and bonds. 
  • Returns on stocks and bonds.
  • Costs of investing.
  • Bonds create growth too.
  • Rising interest rates are good for bonds.
  • Interest rates are average, not at a historical low.
  • Diversification is not required.
  • A holistic view of bond investing and harmonizing with earned income.
Stan Richelson
Scarsdale Investment Group, Ltd.
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Story Idea: Using a "virtual intern" in your planning practice.
There is a huge supply of talented students in their final year of very high quality financial planning programs throughout the country.  Many go to school in cities without many financial planning internship opportunities.  Similarly, many financial planning firms need help but can't afford to bring on a full-time staff member.
The solution?  A virtual internship.
Technology allows students to work "long-distance" to gain valuable experience working on real client plans, projects, and illustrations.  Planners get cost-effective labor from students who are eager to learn and contribute.
For more information, I can fill in the details; for the last several months I've been using an intern in this capacity quite successfully.
John Gay, CFP®
Frisco Financial Planning
6136 Frisco Square Blvd, Suite 400
Frisco, TX 75034
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