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Market To Members FAQ

Our most frequently asked questions:


What are the different ways to market to NAPFA members?

There are several ways to be in touch with our membership.   These include:

  • Exhibiting at conferences
  • Advertising in either our NAPFA Advisor or on our website
  • Buying the mailing list
  • Sponsoring a session at a conference
  • Becoming the annual national sponsor
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Why would my firm be interested in marketing to NAPFA members?
With members in 49 states and Canada, the National Association of Personal Financial Advisors (NAPFA) is the largest organization of Fee-Only comprehensive financial advisors. NAPFA members meet the industry’s highest standards of education, experience, and fiduciary responsibility. As Fee-Only planners, NAPFA-Registered Financial Advisors occupy a rapidly growing segment in the financial planning industry.

NAPFA believes that consumers are best served by a comprehensive approach to financial planning, delivered by competent individuals using a Fee-Only compensation model.  This position is gaining popularity among consumers, the media, and regulators alike. Not only do NAPFA-Registered Financial Advisors adhere to the strictest compensation guidelines, they also meet the industry’s highest standards for experience (three years minimum) and have earned an advanced broad-based education. NAPFA's referral system generates approximately 60,000 leads a year for NAPFA members and collectively the members' manage more than 40 billion dollars.
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How would you describe the typical NAPFA member?
There is no typical NAPFA member.  As of January 1, 2009, roughly half run a solo practice, with a portion working on an hourly rate and others involved in managing investment assets.  Experienced solo firms average $50 million of assets under management.  Approximately one-quarter are involved in an ensemble practice with 4-6 professionals, managing or influencing on average $105 million.  Larger firms make up the balance, managing or influencing approximately $456 million and employ between 10-20 individuals.
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Do Decision Makers come to the conferences?
You can be sure that the decision makers will be at the conference. We offer special rates for staff members, but primarily it is the owners who attend.
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What is the best way to market to NAPFA members?
Exhibiting at conferences is THE BEST WAY TO MAKE AN IMPRESSION. You must make an investment in time and dollars in order to get to know the members personally.  Unlike a traditional broker/dealer, NAPFA members are not impacted by selling agreements and sales pressure from management.  They make decisions based on what is best for the client and, of course, a portion of that decision is dependent on the comfort level they have with your firm and its employees. Attendance at one conference per year is not enough.   It is the personal relationship that leads to the business.  It may be advantageous to send the same representatives to our conferences, as this makes it easier for members to remember you and build a relationship.   Realize too that when a good product/service comes along NAPFA members network with each other and word spreads quickly.
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How should I approach members at conferences?
We have found over the years that it is best to start a casual conversation - one that tends toward the "friendly" side rather than to bombard people with facts about your investments.   It is the relationship between you and the member that will be important in the long run.
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How can I get a speaking slot at one of your conferences?
You may be approached by NAPFA's Education Manager Robin Gemeinhardt (gemeinhardtr@napfa.org) to speak or to be on a panel. Typically most conferences have "slots" that are sold for speaking.   Your speech would have to be approved by the conference committee and would have to be approved for continuing education credit.
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What kind of booth works best at your conferences?
Companies have used very elaborate booths and some very simple with just a vase of flowers and a few items.    There is no one way to market.  People tend to like the clever give-aways - that seems be a draw.
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How can I find out which of your members have the larger practices?
We have a "Large Firm Initiative" group and you may call the office and find out the members of that sub-section of NAPFA.
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How are Resource Partners recognized at conferences?
There is plenty of signage acknowledging the Resource Partners along with Special Badges that make them stand out from the crowd. Usually when it comes to introductions too, the Resource Partners get to take advantage of this before the others.
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How should exhibitors dress at the conference?

Business casual is fine, no need to wear a suit all the time.

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How much time is allotted for exhibitors at conferences?
Two full days usually. We serve breakfast, lunch and breaks in the hall.   In addition, we usually have an opening night reception in the exhibit hall.  Exhibitors are invited to attend all conference functions, all educational sessions and all social events.
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Does NAPFA supply email addresses?
No, members prefer that we do not supply these.
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Concerning conferences, will you get a list of people attending?
Yes, you will receive a hardcopy of the names and addresses of attendees when you arrive at the conference.   We also send out the names and address of the attendees in advance of the conference so you can do a mailing beforehand.
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Do you sell your mailing list?
Yes, we provide the names and mailing addresses of our members. The cost for the list is $600 and it is for a one time mailing. The NAPFA staff must preview a sample of your mailing. Resource Partners are entitled to receive this list once per year.
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