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Exhibiting Opportunities

NAPFA holds several conferences each year that presents dozens of opportunities for interaction between attendees and exhibitors. We do this by serving most meals in the exhibit hall, including a welcome cocktail party at the beginning of each conference. You are always provided with a list of attendees in advance and break times are long enough for you to have adequate conversations with our members.

NAPFA National, our largest conference, is held each spring and the location varies every year. Typically about 135 exhibitors and 600 practitioners attend. It usually runs from Tuesday thru Friday and is always a popular event.

During the fall we hold several conferences, each located in a different geographic location. The Northeast typically draws the largest crowd, about 450 people, but the others are well attended too. These meetings are very similar to the National Conference but of course, have different speakers and you will meet different members and guests at all the meetings.

Included in all of the above is our “NAPFA University” track. This track is practice management oriented and is geared to helping people who are just getting started in the business. They will be in the exhibit hall too, and are particularly interested in establishing new relationships with outside resources.

Click HERE to learn about upcoming conferences. If you are new to NAPFA, you need to go through our Vendor Verification due diligence process.

This procedure is designed to provide three assurances relative to all companies approved to market to our members as Resource Partners and exhibitors. These assurances are:

  • Experience
  • Regulatory compliance
  • Fee-Only compliance

Step One: Determine that the product or service has been offered for at least two years. NAPFA permits the offering of new products only in circumstances where the principals in charge of managing the product have been in a closely related field of endeavor for at least two years.

Step Two: A background check of the principals is conducted to verify that all parties who should be registered with the SEC are and that no disciplinary history exists which prohibits involvement with NAPFA.

Step Three: Verify that if a member were to use, recommend the purchase, or use of the product to a client, that doing so would not disqualify the member from association with NAPFA.

NAPFA's mission is to promote the practice of Fee-Only comprehensive financial planning. We review all marketing materials used by potential vendors to be certain that the product/service is appropriate for Fee-Only advisors. It is important to note that NAPFA does not endorse any product or service. Our members are in the business of evaluating the suitability of products and services for their clients, we do not believe it is NAPFA’s place to assume this role.

If you are interested in becoming an exhibitor at an upcoming NAPFA conference, please contact Ric Haines 732.920.4236.