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At NAPFA, FOSTER stands for Fee-Only Support, Education, Training and Resources!

If running a profitable Fee-Only financial planning practice is your dream, the FOSTER Program holds the key. Through a series of twenty sessions, experienced NAPFA-Registered Financial Advisors and industry experts share their knowledge and experience to help you build a successful company. First presented live via webinars, the individual sessions are now available on CD ROM . 

The FOSTER Program offers a learning curriculum targeted at new and prospective Fee-Only comprehensive financial planners. Many past participants share the impression that the FOSTER Program takes up where the Certified Financial Planner education ends, by giving real world examples of the types of decisions business owners make .

What topics are covered?

The FOSTER Program encompasses all the practice management issues facing planners looking to work in, or launch, a successful Fee-Only comprehensive financial planning practice.

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Business Planning - deciding the exact business approach & formulating a plan to be successful. This module also serves as an introduction to the FOSTER program.

Fees - the method you choose for getting paid for your services will have an impact on how your business is run and successful you will be financially. Hourly rate vs. a percentage of assets under management vs. flat fees for projects. Learn the pros and cons of each from NAPFA professionals.

Getting Up and Running - find out what you absolutely need to have in place before taking on your first client and what can wait for a while.

Working for a Fee-Only Firm - unlock the world of sole practitioners and very small firms. There are jobs available, if you know where and how to look.

Technology - two full sessions designed to help you determine what hardware and software is worth your hard earned dollars. The money you'll save by avoiding costly mistakes could pay for all of your FOSTER Program classes!

Compliance - answers to all of the questions you'd like to ask your State Securities Commissioner but don't have the time, or are afraid, to ask.

Marketing - so you have a practice…now you need to let the world know you're out there. Find out which strategies are successful when trying to attract clients. We share so much information it takes two sessions to cover it all!

Investment Management - what processes and systems should you use to select and manage investments for your clients?

Transitioning from commissions to Fee-Only - learn from a professional who has not only made the leap, but is happy to share his experiences.

Common Mistakes of New Planners - save time, money and frustration by learning from our collective experience.

Comprehensive Plan Components - what is needed for NAPFA membership requirements as well as clients.

Post Startup - learn how to stay ahead of the growth curve as your practice grows.

Loss Prevention - although a majority of claims against financial advisers are groundless, it will cost to defend yourself - be prepared!

Adding Tax Planning to Your Practice - Expand your range of services while adding value to your practice. Clients really appreciate an advisor who takes a proactive approach to taxes.

Working With Middle Income Clients - You can make a living working with middle income clients! If your goal is to reach this huge market niche, this is the session for you.

Running an Efficient Practice - Learn how to systematize the planning process while customizing the advice. Procedures and checklists will come to the rescue of an inefficient practice.

Who should purchase the program?

The FOSTER Program is designed for new and prospective planners of all types, including:

  • CPA or JD adding financial planning services
  • commissioned-based financial professional making the transition to Fee-Only
  • Fee-Only planner ready to launch an independent practice
  • career changer new to financial planning
  • student about to earn a financial planning degree.